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cathy linda
always be pleased
I have purchased a few different styles of the Chamaripa shoes for my family, and these do not disappoint. They are very nice and comfortable to wear. The leather is really genuine and very soft.
Michelle Venegoni
Be Prepared
On January 8th my laptop screen became damaged beyond my repair. I looked around for companies to send it too. I could not find many bad reviews on this company so even though they offered me $119 and other companies offered $168 I decided to go with them. My hope was that since their offer was lower they were a legitimate company and would give me the full offer. They do pay for shipping and sent an offer a little over a week after I sent the laptop. They offered $43 which was rather insulting. I instantly knew that they were scamming me so messaged them with a very professional demeanor using math, statistics, and my computer knowledge. They sent back another offer with excuses about market value and then stated they re-evaluated the laptop and could offer me $54. I was tired of playing their game so I sent a polite, but very factual email stating that I knew how these companies worked and how they were supposed to offer less than 50% and if they don't they are considered unsuccessful. I stated what I was estimated from other companies and that I would assume I would get $84 from them. I then told them I would take no less than $75. They countered with $73, because they obviously wanted to seem like I wasn't in charge. I'm 95% sure that every other company you can sell broken laptops to does the same thing based off of reviews. So my advice would be to price with multiple companies and then plan on getting 50% of your estimate. Don't take the first offer and make sure you document any defects with the computer so that you don't get haggled. I just prefer not to sell to any of them again, because I can't handle being ripped off and lied too.
Site Category:  Sell Laptop
Tonya Piatt
don't have what they say
Don't get said I could get movie and when I signed up the movie wasn't there that sucks because my grandkids really wanted to watch it.
3 of 3 people found this review helpful.
Marjie Rhoades
This review will be removed, but I'm writing it anyhow. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! It deserves NEGATIVE FIVE STARS or ZERO STARS.

You think you're ordering from a North American company. Then you get billed in the UK with an international visa fee. You then receive--weeks later, if you're lucky--a package FROM CHINA. The dress looks nothing like the dress you fell in love with on this scam company's website. It doesn't fit. It is of poor workmanship. The cheap fabric is stained and discolored, or is in the wrong color and not that which you ordered. You call the company. You attempt to reach online customer service. If you do reach someone, who is clearly a native Chinese speaker, you are advised to email customer service and to send photos. You do this. And the response you receive is SHOCKING and RIDICULOUS. They claim the dress is beautiful and they hope you enjoy wearing it. The dress is hideous and you will NEVER wear it. You want your money back. They say the dress is fine. They suggest if you don't like it to sell it on ebay or give it as a gift to a family member. The responses become even MORE ridiculous. You realize that sending the dress to China would be cost-prohibitive, and they claim they will only refund 50 percent, because it's not their fault you don't love the dress.

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.
Site Category:  Dresses
Janilee Yvette Benitez
Baptism Prep Class
I have attended a prep class in the past but I found this reading much more interesting and learned more. It took me ~75min to complete the reading. Worth it and loved the convenience.
2 of 2 people found this review helpful.
Amy Barrett
Elixir Interactive are the best vendor we deal with
I have been working with this company for 8 yes 8 years. I would never go anywhere else they are outstanding at getting results and their customer service is flawless. They also have an Irish sense of humor which is always fun when we talk. Their prices are not the cheapest in the business but for what you get they are worth every penny.
George George
Awesome service
I have been shopping with KTM parts online for years they have what you need at good prices and excellent service highly recommended.
Site Category:  KTM Parts And Accessories
Jeffrey Scott
Owner 990 SuperDuke /350SX-F/Husq WR250 -Great resource.
I have used this company since 2009. Absolutely no complaints. Stopped by their location driving from Maryland to Kentucky. These people live and breath their motorcycles. Really a local shop that supports local riding events in addition to being a national supplier.
Site Category:  KTM Parts And Accessories
Darren Scherner
Poor customer service and a bad website
As much as I hate to do this, and I have shopped here for years, AOMC is at an all time low. Service has never been 5 stars but o.k., product availability is terrible. Email response time is 7 days at best, if you even get an answer. At this time I will have to use other sources because this has become a classic example of the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing!
1 of 1 people found this review helpful.
Site Category:  KTM Parts And Accessories
Michael Helfrick
Will Never use again
We spent over $1200 on a Monster Energy Cup VIP package which was supposed to include a track walk and souvenir package. When we arrived there, we found out we only got half the souvenir package as they had run out of some items. We were also told we would not be able to walk the track. The 2 VIP tickets we received had a value of $76/each and include all the"extras" they described on their site and the hotel room we got had a $400 value for both nights and we had to upgrade as it wasn't what we had requested. Our $1200 we spent had a $550 value and when we were on the phone with their "service" line right before the event started they would not do anything for us and all were either closing in 20 min or weren't in the office till after the event was over. The main reason we bought the package was for the track walk and they would not make it right. Free shuttles are offered to this event also for anyone else looking to go in the future and lots of tickets available days before which are even better then what Primesport has to offer for less.
1 of 1 people found this review helpful.
Site Category:  Online Shopping

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