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Edison Frazer
Complete SHAM
after offing me $79 dollars; I got $29 - here is the BS the offered

● LCD Back Cover/Lid : Major cosmetic damage
● LCD Front Bezel/Trim : Major cosmetic damage
● Touch Pad Palmrest/ Mouse Buttons : Major cosmetic damage
● Keyboard : Minor Worn or faded keys

The fun thing is yes the laptop is old but I never really used it as I have always had a work issued laptop.
Site Category:  Sell Laptop
Vacker Glob
Horrible service; Suspicious contact details
Not sure whether it is fake.
There is no email id to contact.
The contact form gives only answers to some questions.
They have given contact numbers in various countries. Not sure whether they are genuine.
It is not possible to reset password
Billy Merrz
Second offer less than 50% original offer
Quoted $175
Offered $76
Told them to send it back
Offered $88
Told them to send it back
Offered $95

I just accepted it to end the madness.
Site Category:  Sell Laptop
poopy Poop
it worked for the best but...
I cast a spell for a lover retrieval. It didn't work but I did find out that he had a live in lover baby momma in another state that was waiting for him and a crack habit so I would say that even if it didn't work quite the way I wanted at the time and it was painful I am quite happy with what manifested, which was the truth, that the man was no good.I also had cast an obeah spell at the same time
1 of 1 people found this review helpful.
Site Category:  Astrology
Jason Baker
Fake pins
I will never order from here again sold me fakes wouldn't take them back and told me to call disney even thou I bought from their store most un pleasant people I've ever dealt with
Site Category:  Disney Merchant
Reed Gibson
Best Online Drug Provider
I am Reed and I was looking from a place to buy OTC drugs. Since I am a computer savvy I prefer buying things online, unless it is to my attire. So lately I ordered a medicine from this online store and realized it is discounted but that made me little skeptical. The doubt was gone once I received my order a day earlier in a sophisticated packing and the effects of the pills were as I expected. I also had to call the customers support team cause I got a mail about some shipment which I later realized was a notification mail, but the customer support team was good.
Layne Matz
This company has a great selection of products and really has something for everyone. Unfortunately, the problems begin with shipping. EveryoneDoesIt is notorious for either losing items, not packing them well so they end up broken, or taking all the time in the world for shipping. According to many other reviews from other sites, some people had to wait a maximum of 4 months to receive their orders or they just never came at all. I personally have been waiting 8 business days for one pipe that is being sent from Nevada and I live in Tennessee so naturally I am very disappointed with there lack of urgency. I did select free untracked shipping but that was only because any other form of shipping costed between $9-$24 doubling an $11 order.
Stephane Julien
CruzTools DMX2 Fender Mount Tool Kit
I'm very happy for their service, shipping is fast and when it's backorder it doesn't take long to get back in stock.

It's my third order from KTM- parts and will not hesitate to order again.

Steff from Canada.
Site Category:  KTM Parts And Accessories
Site Category:  New Arrivals
David Moore
Psychic Readings Has some great information on their website
Psychic Readings Line has real gifted psychics on their website as well as some real good information about other psychic reading websites in their psychic reading reviews page.
A. J. Fisher
This is just MY experience...
I recently purchased an Ambit (now Ubee) U10C035 DOCSYS 3 cable modem from www.dontleaseyourmodem.com. Their e-mail support in my experience is super fast AND helpful and my order was shipped VERY promptly, as well. I had NO trouble setting this modem up with Comcast (I used their live Internet chat to do this) and I now can return my leased modem to Comcast and SAVE nearly $10 per month on lease charges! I HIGHLY recommend www.dontleaseyourmodem.com - 5 stars!

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