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Psychicsource.com Editorial Review

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Psychicsource was established in the year 1996. Its headquarters can be found in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Psychicsource is the place where people can interact through chat or live talk with different psychics, and find out what the future holds for them. Each one of the readers has their own gifts and ways to ensure that customers receive the most helpful and insightful reading that they can find online. Customers can choose among 420 different advisors, each of whom has their own ratings.

The company has a 100% customer satisfaction policy and if you are not satisfied with the reading, the amount will be fully refunded. Another benefit is to sign up with your email in order to receive different exclusive deals, as well as being able to share any problem with the 24/7 care center. The pricing of the readings is per minute of talk or chat. It is $1 per minute and there are options of 10, 20 and 30 minutes, where the first 3 minutes are always free.

Reviews on the Net:

Many of the customers' feedback are quite negative when it comes to both the quality of readings and the friendliness of the advisors. Some customers said that whenever a call back is requested they always had the wrong number, as well as never letting anyone to speak to a supervisor if requested. The customer support is said to be rude. Another customer said specifically about readers Moira and Therese to share clients information with each other, spending much time shuffling the cards during the reading and the actual result of talking was only for several minutes even though it was priced for $30.

On the other hand, there are customers who are satisfied with their readings and kept on going back for more, as well as saying the advisors were friendly and soothing.

Coupon Codes:

There are numerous coupons available for Psychicsource. One of them is offering $10 off for new members and the code is 22963. A coupon for free $5 bonus when $50 are added has the code 997703. 20% off coupon is with code SAVE20.


Psychicsource is one of the oldest places for people to get readings about their future, but the majority of customers' feedback says that it is a scam and rip off. It also seems that often advisors are rude and unwilling to spend the time a customer paid for reading their future and delivering the service. It seems that it is not worth to buy Psychicsource service, but because there are still positive feedback's, a person with great curiosity might not regret it. Apparently, it all depends on the psychic the customer decides to trust and have a reading from.

psychicsource.com = Good Service
A Place Where You can Find Out About Your Future

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