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Anonymous Reviewer
3 years ago
why can't I get a return call or email answer to replace aPar 38
Like one other reviewer I order a par 38 light on 12/3/14. I called and no one returned a call. It should up on 1/3/15. Nice light but...................
after only 2 month the light stopping working. I have not been able to get anyone to return a call, email or service request. I am calling everyday and no one seems to care enough to return my call.
The light has a 90 day warranty and I want it replaced or a refund.
I am not sure was is going on with this company but I will be going else where and suggest you do also.
Anonymous Reviewer
3 years ago
Great light - Poor customer service
I'm giving them 3 stars because I like the light. But. . . ..

I ordered a Par38 bulb with the clamp over the summer and after a week I still had not received my order. I emailed to find out where my order was. The next day they replied saying that the light was out of stock and that they were waiting to receive it to ship it to me. Why couldn't they have told me that before? The light finally came 3 weeks later and it was a great light. It looks great over my tank.

Fast forward to March and I decide to order another light and clamp for another tank. Again, here I am a week later and I still have not received a shipping conformation or word on when I will receive it. I just emailed them. We will see what the issue is this time. It says on their site that they usually ship within 1-2 business days. To me that is unacceptable. I should not have to contact them a week after placing my order to find out where it is. Especially when you advertise that you usually ship within 1-2 days. If there is an issue they should give me the heads up. I really like the lights and it's unfortunate, but I will not be ordering from them again. There are other options out there and for the same cost if not cheaper. I wish their service was better.
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Jonathan Singh
4 years ago
USA USA, California, Bellflower
great products, great prices, fast shipping. works for me.
Ordered a PAR38 bulb from ocreef, was delivered very quickly and the the product is as good as they say it is! I love the color options and how bright it is.
Anonymous Reviewer
4 years ago
Great customer service.
Great service. They are very accomidating. A+++++
Anonymous Reviewer
4 years ago
Great service and product!
The NanoMag I ordered from Ocreef arrived very quickly and works perfectly in my 6 gallon Eheim Aquastyle tank! Thanks!
Anonymous Reviewer
4 years ago
Top notch customer service, great price!
I purchased Selcon for my saltwater fish. It's great stuff packed with vitamins and minerals for happy, healthy fish with vibrant colors...been using it for years.
Thanks Ocreef
Anonymous Reviewer
4 years ago
oc reef has a great and friendly service received my light fixture fast thanks
great service
Thank you
Thank you; it is our pleasure to serve you. Please visit us again real soon.
David H.
ocreef.com Owner

Editorial Review

By AuthenticReviews Contributor,


OC Reef Aquatics is a US based company, established by Orange County Aquarium Supplies in 1998. The online store offers a wide range of aquarium supplies to its customers worldwide. The aquarium supplies store is recognized by the customers for its affordable fish supplies inventory. Customers can find more than 3,500 aquarium supplies offered by the online shop.

At OC Reef, customers can shop for aquarium fish, led aquarium lights, filters, nano tanks, aquarium chillers, fish tank heaters, water pumps protein skimmers and much more! Optimaxx LED aquarium light system has been the most sought after item offered by the store at $289 with $30 off. Customers can buy one Aquarium Mangrove, and get another one free. Furthermore, the company offers free ground shipping on order above $125.

Customers can contact OC Reef online or by phone, and email and online support form. The store accepts payment via PayPal and BillMeLater. All the aquarium supplies are shipped via UPS standard and expedited shipping. The store accepts return of the products, but the shipping fee is non-refundable.

Reviews on the Net:

OC Reef has received a limited number of customer reviews on independent review websites. A customer, who bought the aquarium lights online, said the product was delivered to him very quickly and he appreciated the quality of multicolored aquarium lights. Another customer, who purchased Selcon for his saltwater fish, appreciated the packaging and the quality of the fish food. Another customer bought Nanomag at OC Reef and said that the product worked perfectly in his fish tank. The customer expressed his satisfaction over quick delivery of the product.

Many customers appreciated the staff having in-depth knowledge about aquarium supplies and they reply to every query in great detail. Moreover, a customer mentioned his satisfaction on the prices and discounts he received at OC Reef. Another customer expressed his satisfaction over the prices, products, customer service and quick delivery services given by the aquarium supplies store.

Coupon Codes:

Customers can get discounts and special offers at the online aquarium supplies shop. For example, customers can get 5% off orders up to $100 using a coupon code HOTFIVE. Moreover, OC Reef offers 10% discount on AquaC Protein Skimmer against a coupon code 93D8A356. The store also offers 70% off Cree Led fixtures.


Ocreef.com offers a wide range of aquarium supplies at highly affordable prices. Not too many customers have mentioned the aquarium supplies store on the internet, but limited reviews are quite overwhelming. Based on the prices, quality, customer support and quick delivery services, the online aquarium supplies shop is recommended to its customers.

ocreef.com = Excellent Service
A Great Place To Find Aquarium Supplies Online

F.A.Q. Answered By Support

We have contacted ocreef.com support and asked the most popular questions that Aquarium Supplies customers would be interested in. Below are the answers we received.

Q:As a person who never had fish what do I need to look for while choosing an aquarium?

Are you searching for a saltwater or freshwater aquarium?
Are you local and available to pick-up the aquarium? (This will save on an expensive heavy weight shipping fee).
Are you interested in a glass aquarium, or an acrylic aquarium?
Are you interested in an all-in-one aquarium? (This generally includes filter, pump, etc.)
What is your budget? (This will determine the products within your given price range).

Q:How long does it take to get an order and what's your return policy?

You may return a completely non-used item. Aquariums generally ship ground with FedEx and they may take approximately 5 business days in transit.

Q:Do you offer a warranty for your products?

All of our products are warranted by the manufacturers.

Compare these answers to those received from other sites in Aquarium Supplies category

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