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toff dara
3 years ago
USA USA, California, san gabriel
I say 4/5.
They took a little while to process but they did a good job. I was starting to be worried but they delivered, I think It still a growing company.
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Anonymous Reviewer
4 years ago
Very satisfied.
Though they were not able to get me the funding coz i know my case was really hopeless, They help me fix my credit for free.
Anonymous Reviewer
3 years ago
A little bit dissapointed.
My target amount is $150k to buy a business,and they were only able to get me $120k. I was under the impression the whole time that I'll get 150k,but upon funding I only got $120k. Now I'm stuck with the loan with no business to buy...
Guidelines from lenders changes on a daily basis
Underwriting guidelines from lenders changes on a daily basis,that's why we only say target amount,because sometimes we get more and sometimes we get less.We try our best to accommodate all our clients by getting them as close a possible to their funding amount needs,but getting the exact number is not within our control. We are a creative financing firm,not a lender. We pride ourselves by getting clients an amount that no banks would lend new Entrepreneurs,by getting them syndicated loans from multiple lenders that is in total, equals to the amount they need to get their operation started. This is what we do best,and we do this by not charging any UP FRONT FEES!
Isaac Epstein
mystartupfinancing.com Owner
Anonymous Reviewer
3 years ago
So far so good
Saw the company through Facebook. I didn't get qualified for funding because of my credit.They've removed most of my collections already and my score is up by 40 points. I'm crossing my fingers hoping that they could get me funded soon. So far I'm happy with the help they're giving me without charging me anything. All loan companies should be like this. Deliver first before charging a dime.
Anonymous Reviewer
3 years ago
Amazing financing service..
Contrary to common knowledge.. a start up can get funded. I'm so thankful to the team for getting me the amount that I need. The only regret that I have is I should have taken their offer to fund me a little sooner.
Anonymous Reviewer
4 years ago
Good Job
Very Helpful, though it took them awhile to get me the funding because my credit was really bad, they did it. I didint think that it was possible.
Thanks Guys.
Las Ram
3 years ago
USA USA, Colorado, Denver
No answer and it's been 2 weeks.
So far I am not satisfied. They do not get back to you. The agent states he will call back and never does. A lot of beating around the bush with no affirmative answer.
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