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toff dara
1 month ago
USA USA, California, san gabriel
I say 4/5.
They took a little while to process but they did a good job. I was starting to be worried but they delivered, I think It still a growing company.
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Anonymous Reviewer
7 months ago
Very satisfied.
Though they were not able to get me the funding coz i know my case was really hopeless, They help me fix my credit for free.
Anonymous Reviewer
6 months ago
Good Job
Very Helpful, though it took them awhile to get me the funding because my credit was really bad, they did it. I didint think that it was possible.
Thanks Guys.
Las Ram
2 months ago
USA USA, Colorado, Denver
No answer and it's been 2 weeks.
So far I am not satisfied. They do not get back to you. The agent states he will call back and never does. A lot of beating around the bush with no affirmative answer.
Anonymous Reviewer
1 month ago
I waited weeks and heard NOTHING...
I waited weeks and heard NOTHING..... VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!!
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