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Brian Toal
2 years ago
USA USA, HJ, Bridgeton
placed my order and selected the only shipping option (fed ex), entered my cc info and it looked like all was going fine. Got an email the next day asking if I was picking the parts up in the store. ( Im about 2,000 miles away). I indicate the parts need to be shipped. They respond, telling me i need to log on their website, open my account and pay for shipping even though they have my cc info. I try and find there is no option to do what they are asking me to do.
The next morning I get a notification the order was cancelled. This was a total wast of time dealing with this company. order your stuff somewhere else.

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By AuthenticReviews Contributor,


KTM Parts Pro is located in Avondale, Arizona in the United States. KTM Parts Pro prides itself on being the leading discount KTM parts, accessories and apparel shop in North America. On this website, potential customers can shop parts by brand, type, model or part number for easier shopping and browsing. Customers can schedule service if they already own a KTM motorcycle at the retail location. Potential customers are invited to enter a valid email address to be added to a drawing for a $100 Ktmpartspro.com gift card.

KTM Dirt bike parts, KTM Street bike parts, OEM Parts and KTM ATV parts can be easily searched based on Model Year and Model Type. KTM Parts Pro website accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal as payments.

KTM Parts Pro ships within the 48 continental United States only at this time. Returns are allowed within 10 days of receiving in new, unused and original packaging with an RMA number, returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Customer service can be reached via phone, an online form, mail and a toll free number. All parts have manufacturing warranties unless specified otherwise.

Reviews on the Net:

All reviews found for KTM Parts Pro have been positive. One customer said customer service is knowledgeable, friendly and fair and he will be returning. Another person said the same: customer service is honest and dedicated. One customer said the customer service representative he spoke to was extremely knowledgeable and recommended the correct part for his motorcycle when it was having problems starting.

Good communication was observed on the company's Facebook page with the customers. Answers were given quickly and respectfully (generally within hours of the questions being posted). The products are of the highest quality, said another person, and he recommends KTM Parts Pro to his motorcycle group whenever anybody has issues with their bike. One customer needed to return a part that was incorrect and customer service gave him a refund within minutes with no questions asked.

Coupon Codes:

Currently there are a few coupon codes for KTM Parts Pro's website. When the code “AKRAPOVIC” is input at checkout, customers will receive an automatic 10% discount on an Akrapovic Exhaust. The code “EASTER50” will give 10% on an entire order. Only one coupon code may be used in the same transaction.


KTM Parts Pro is a recommended website for discounted KTM motorcycle parts and apparel. The company should focus more on its shipping and return policies to make them more transparent, however.

ktmpartspro.com = Excellent Service
Knowledgeable, Friendly Staff

F.A.Q. Answered By Support

We have contacted ktmpartspro.com support and asked the most popular questions that KTM Parts And Accessories customers would be interested in. Below are the answers we received.

Q:Can I place a special order?

The part is available and it is considered a special ordered part so you would not be able to return it.

Q:Can you give me a brief overview of your return policy in case something goes wrong?

The part is available and it is considered a special ordered part so you would not be able to return it.

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