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Parts Pit Stop owns and runs Ktmpartspitstop.com which offers many brand name motorcycle repair kits and parts. Parts Pit Stop is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan in the United States and was founded in 1963. Many different name brands include Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki and KTM, along with others. The staffs are all professionally trained and have extensive knowledge about motorcycles and problems, customer service representatives can be reached via a toll free phone number (in the US), email or regular mail. Customers may sort products for sale along with other information by the categories listed: Home, KTM OEM Parts, Aftermarket Products, Shop Brands and Company Info.

The accepted forms of payment include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal. Orders are shipped internationally via USPS or DHL with some products not available for overseas shipping, charges are automatically calculated at checkout. Refunds are accepted within 15 days with a Return Authorization Number which is provided by a customer service representative, and orders are subject to a 25% restocking fee.

Reviews on the Net:

Most reviews for Parts Pit Stop have been extremely positive. Only one customer had a complaint, and that was during the holiday season, he asked questions about which products could be shipped internationally and did not receive a response quickly enough for his liking.

On the other hand, most people absolutely love this site and this company. One person said he saves so much money shopping here than he would at a traditional motorcycle repair shop. Another person said he has been telling all of his friends about the products and the prices. Another source of rave reviews is the prices, most of the prices are less expensive than competitors' prices. One person said the website is very clean and makes ordering easy. Customer service is really good so far, says another customer, and he feels the communication is quite good. Another person thanked the company for the great discount they gave her.

Coupon Codes:

Parts Pit Stop currently has some coupon codes for customers to use. The code “WPD6” will give an additional 6% off any orders. The code “MD2012” gives an entire 20% off of all orders and the code “JUNK051107-004” gives 5% off orders. Only one coupon code can be used at one time.


This site is recommended, overall. Its positive reviews, high quality genuine products and super low prices makes Parts Pit Stops' website one of the best sites to purchase motorcycle parts and repair kits in the world.

ktmpartspitstop.com = Good Service
Great Site for Motorcycle Repair Kits and Parts

F.A.Q. Answered By Support

We have contacted ktmpartspitstop.com support and asked the most popular questions that KTM Parts And Accessories customers would be interested in. Below are the answers we received.

Q:Can I place a special order?

If you would like to supply the part number you need, I can verify our inventory and also the availability through KTM

Q:If my item is placed on backorder, how long does it usually take to receive it?

If an item is backordered by KTM, they generally set a release date for the item.

Q:Can you give me a brief overview of your return policy in case something goes wrong?

This link is to our return & exchange policy:

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