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Ktmparts.com is owned and ran by North Coast KTM located in Lismore, Queensland in Australia near Brisbane, and has been in operation since 2006. North Coast KTM offers motorcycles, motorcycle parts and related miscellaneous accessories like apparel and bags. Many different name brands and categories such as Top Sellers, Part Finder, Spare Parts Kits, Power Parts Off-road, Power Parts Street, and many more ensure an easy navigation of the site to find exactly what is being sought.

All major credit cards are accepted on North Coast KTM's website. An Affiliate program is also available for those wishing to earn 8% commission for every successful purchase made by a referral.

Customer service is available via a phone call, email or fax. Manufacturer warranties are all honored by North Coast KTM in case of defect or abnormal wear. Returns and refunds are not accepted unless the product arrived damaged, defective or if the order was incorrect. Orders are shipped worldwide via Australian Post or eParcel and begins at $7.50 in Australia, with other charges automatically calculated at checkout.

Reviews on the Net:

All reviews found for North Coast KTM were very positive. Customers all said the products and service are simply amazing. One person had an incorrect order shipped to his home, and when customer service was called he received polite, courteous service with a quick return process. He received the correct products less than a week later. One customer loves North Coast KTM and says the company makes riding pure fun.

A potential customer called asking for advice, the customer service representative gave him the perfect response, and this turned him from a potential customer to a customer, and he ordered the part right then. Another customer said he loves the quality of the parts, and assures people that they are genuine brand names. An international customer said he received his order within 2 weeks, which is remarkable considering most orders from Australia take up to a month. All other reviews simply said the company was great and they would continue to order products from North Coast KTM's website.

Coupon Codes:

North Coast KTM is currently offering some promotional specials for customers to take advantage of. The code “FACEFIVE”, when input at checkout, will automatically give customers a 5% discount on their entire order. The coupon code “AKRAPOVIC” will give 10% off an Akrapovic Exhaust system. Only one coupon code may be input at checkout at one time.


Overall, North Coast KTM's website and company in general are very highly recommended. Its customer satisfaction and high quality genuine products speak for themselves. This company knows how to treat its customers and provide much sought-after motorcycle products at fair prices and with respect.

ktmpartsonline.com = Excellent Service
A Great Australian Company for Motorcycles and Genuine Parts

F.A.Q. Answered By Support

We have contacted ktmpartsonline.com support and asked the most popular questions that KTM Parts And Accessories customers would be interested in. Below are the answers we received.

Q:Can I place a special order?

I'd be happy to help try and locate the part you need.

Q:If my item is placed on backorder, how long does it usually take to receive it?

If it's back-ordered from the factory and they have it in stock, you can expect a wait of 3-4 weeks typically.

Q:Can you give me a brief overview of your return policy in case something goes wrong?

We do not accept returns on electrical or special ordered parts. Depending on the part in question however, we may apply our discretion to this policy.

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