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Anonymous Reviewer
2 years ago
All is perfect as usual!
I am ordering since 2013 and I never had problems. Sometimes the shipping could be faster, but other than that all the goods are always perfect.
Anonymous Reviewer
3 years ago
Misleading website

My first experience with these clowns is not good. Implied on website that they have parts in stock but actually had to order before they could shop them. Only reason for ordering from them was that they had them in stock. Misleading practices and phone hag was a total bitch, basically making any excuse she could but totally overlooks that they are misleading when they say nothing about having to order the parts. No more biz from me. I will stick with Motosport or a local dealer.

Editorial Review

By AuthenticReviews Contributor,


KTM Parts Express is a well-known name in motorcycle industry serving their clients for more than 35 years now, and it has become a leading KTM dealers in the United States. It serves as an online store for the company, Mt. Holly Racing that sells genuine and high quality KTM parts and accessories to their worldwide customers. The company claims to be #1 supplier of genuine KTM OEM motorcycle parts and accessories, and genuine KTM Powerparts and Powerwear accessories. The online store offers an extensive selection of KTM OEM parts that allows customers to choose from wide range of options.

In addition to KTM Parts from all major brands like Enduro, TM Designs, ASV Letter and many more, the website also offers wide range of aftermarket parts and accessories.

All orders are shipped via UPS or USPS and returns are accepted if customers have received the incorrect parts. The online store allows customers to pay through credit cards or PayPal according to their convenience. Customers can contact their support through email or phone.

Reviews on the Net:

Even though customer reviews are limited, but a few reviews on social media platforms and motorbike forums are excellent. With more than 5000 fans on their Facebook page, the online store has earned a solid loyal following of customers who are satisfied with the products' quality and services offered. Most of their displayed parts and accessories on their Facebook page has earned positive comments from their followers.

According to few customers on different motorbikes or KTM forums, the online store offers wide range of products with excellent delivery time within United States. Overall, most of the customers praised the company with no major complaints about their services or products could be found on the web.

Coupon Codes:

In addition to their competitive prices, customers can find additional discounts and deals under their Clearance Items category. Customers can also use coupon code 2014TAKE7OFF to save 7% on purchase of $25 to $50. Similarly, coupon code 2014TAKE15OFF offers 15% discount on all orders above $150.


Overall, KTM Parts Express is a well known online store equipped with high quality KTM parts and accessories at affordable prices. The layout and design of the website is more than impressive and user friendly. This site is a must try for people looking for genuine KTM parts and accessories.

ktmpartsexpress.com = Excellent Service
A popular online store with high quality KTM parts and accessories

F.A.Q. Answered By Support

We have contacted ktmpartsexpress.com support and asked the most popular questions that KTM Parts And Accessories customers would be interested in. Below are the answers we received.

Q:Can I place a special order?

I am sorry but I dont do special order parts

Q:If my item is placed on backorder, how long does it usually take to receive it?

They usually take 2-4 weeks to get to ktm factory USA

Q:Can you give me a brief overview of your return policy in case something goes wrong?

it is not refundable and non returnable for any reason. Not even if it defective

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