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KTM Sportmotorcycle AG offers authentic KTM brand motorcycles, parts, accessories and apparel worldwide. KTM Sportmotorcycle AG has its main headquarters in Germany along with North American locations in Amherst, Ohio and Marietta, California in the United States and a location in Canada. Retail locations are also open worldwide. The company is offering products in various categories, including Travel, Naked Bike, Supersport, MX and Enduro.

All different kinds of KTM Powerparts and Powerwear are available at affordable prices. The company also has a section where one can find KTM original spare parts using Model Year, Model Type and Model. It also offers Dealer search, printing KTM dealer and KTM service check facilities to its customers, which has spare parts catalogues and repair manuals details.

The company offers Mobility Guarantee by providing KTM Service Card that gives you direct and immediate access to a KTM professional network, which will provide support for all kinds of eventualities. When you purchase a motorcycle from KTM, a delivery certificate along with a full warranty and service booklet is provided.

Customer service is available via phone and mail only. KTM accepts all major credit cards as payment, although prices are not available directly on the website, nor in the catalog.

Reviews on the Net:

KTM Sportmotorcycle AG has received quite a few reviews, with the majority being of a positive nature, most reviews are about the products' quality. One customer thinks the standard seat is too hard, so he had to order another. Another said the handlebar height needs adjusted, but feels it is a minor annoyance. One person said the parts from this website make the best bike he has ever used, and will not shop anywhere else for any motorcycle parts. Another said the bikes are great and have perfect suspension for the ultimate riding experience. The brakes last a very long time and are the best quality, said another customer. One man said the bike is perfect straight out of the box and receives customization very well.

Coupon Codes:

Currently KTM Sportmotorcycle AG is offering some promotional coupon codes to give their loyal customers discounts. When customers input the coupon code “FACEFIVE” at checkout, customers will receive a 5% discount on their entire order. The code “JULY41776” gives 10% off all KTM PowerWear, Powerparts and Aftermarket Accessories. Only one coupon code may be used per transaction.


KTM Sportmotorcycle AG is a recommended website for high quality KTM motorcycle products. Its lack of negative reviews and plethora of positive reviews garner it high ratings. More customization of products on the site should be provided, however.

ktm.com = Excellent Service
Great Company With Wonderful Products

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