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California Astrology Association (CAA) was founded in 1970 by physic Burton. The organization was founded to trap energy from spiritual spirits and redirect it to the customers. The website helps you to keep in touch with powerful, but unseen spirits and pass the positive energy of the spirit to you, if you believe in this, of course. Since the beginning, the website offers one-year unlimited guarantee for every service and product offered to customers on this website. Since 1970, the foundation has helped people to achieve their life goals in all aspects. It does not matter what bothers you, CAA claims that they have a powerful spiritual solution for your problems.

CAA foundation mostly deals with 3 basic issues: love, business and money, which are the basic problems of an ordinary person. The foundation does not offer one hundred percentage of success to their clients, however, they admit that they can offer 77 percentages of satisfaction with their services.

Reviews on the Net:

Due to the fact that there are materialists and spiritualists in this world, the foundation has received a mixed response from the public. Actually, this is not a physical product that you could see, feel and make comments. However, the CAA foundation website offers excellent service in terms of payment processing and “spell word” delivery. According to Michele from Syracuse, she was very much satisfied with the service, offered by the foundation. Her story goes like this: her boyfriend decided to leave the relationship, so she had to contact the CAA foundation through their website Calastrology for help. Within a week, her boyfriend called her to talk. After that conversation, they met again and lived together ever after. The foundation already helped several people to resolve their money problems through several ways.

However, there are small complaints about the payments. Calastrology is actually a pricy solution to get answers. People, who do not believe in this kind of things, call this website a scam.

Coupon Codes:

Calastrology offers three types of coupon codes: 25% coupon codes for ‘fall in love with me’, 10$ off on Wanga ‘spectacular happiness’, and 30% off on ‘skyrocket to success spell’. All of these coupon codes are available on the official website of CAA foundation. Third party websites also offer valid coupons for Calastrology purchases. It is also possible to get a 4.95$ flat shipping order coupon, regardless of the size of the order.


Calastrology offers an unconditional one year money back guarantee on their products and services. This shows their confidence in this field. The CAA foundation is sincere to admit that they can only offer a 77% of success on their services. The site offers different payment and shipping methods. However, bear in mind that creating a good luck or casting a spell is not a science, but a practice. The Calastrology does not give fake promises to their customers. If you are not satisfied with their services, you can ask a refund at any time without any questions. They deserve a rating of 3 out of 5.

calastrology.com = Good Service
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