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Sven Svensson
Shit company
Ordered a Slip on for my bike, no info about back order or annything,

Didnt recive anny shippment info so i contected them, turns out the thing i orderd wasnt even in production annymore,

Dont buy from theese idiots, they just take your money and dont even bother updating their site
Site Category:  KTM Parts And Accessories
Rob Sutton
It's been weeks and still haven't received my order. They say it's on back order but when I ordered it the delivery time was 3 days. I want to say something good but there really isn't.
Site Category:  KTM Parts And Accessories
Jonathan Wendell
Quick, local and consistent
I ordered a couple dongles one of which had been unavailable until recently and received my order within a couple days of placing it as all of my previous orders have been handled. Thanks
Site Category:  KTM Parts And Accessories
Taylor Lindquist
Bought a set- haven't received 1 piece
I bought a set consisting of a jersey, pants, and gloves. The shipping time said 1 week. I received the pants and gloves within 2 weeks, but it's not been a month and a half and the jersey hasn't shipped. I called to check the status and they told me the jersey has been backordered another 2 months. 3 and a half months ship time is insane. I recommend you take your money elsewhere because this website is a joke.
1 of 1 people found this review helpful.
Site Category:  KTM Parts And Accessories
Brett Thompson
Good fast parts
These guys are definitely on point..Fast shipping even the free shipping is fast.. they always have the latest and greatest parts for KTM and always in stock highly recommend these guys
Site Category:  KTM Parts And Accessories
Don Vera
Great Dr Kumar is Powerful
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https://drkumartemple.wixsite.com/dr-kumar Thank you sir for your help. THIS IS REAL AND NEVER A SCAM. SO BELIEVE HIM
Site Category:  Astrology
Benjamin Prehn
Never know how long an order will take! Poor Comunication!!'
Do not shop here!!! They take your money and don't send you anything!! And if they do send you something it is missing hardware or damaged!! Go somewhere else even if twice the price, it will be worth it!! Finally decided to contact them after two weeks without any info and Dave said it was shipping out that afternoon! Here I am four days after that call and no shipment info!!! These people are lying crooks, may have to call state attorney general to look into this so called business practices!
Site Category:  KTM Parts And Accessories
DTS Kontroll
Great selection of unique sport shoe
I really recommend this online shop for everybody who loves to wear stuff like something different style as the mainstream from the street. You can find mostly the skateboard brands and surf brands like Hurley, Nike SB, Etnies, Elements, Nixon, Vans...
Dan Michaels
No backorder notification
Ordered multiple items, no notifications of back order items, two weeks later after phone and email inquiries without any response I finally got thru by phone and cancelled order. Really poor communication. Stick with Rocky Mountain MC/ATV or Revzilla
1 of 1 people found this review helpful.
Site Category:  KTM Parts And Accessories
Scott Faulk
Great Price / Reasonable Shipping Time
I picked up a KTM rally jacket for a super price. Free shipping took a little over a week. There are faster shipping options if you want to spend a few extra dollar but I wasn't in a rush. Transaction was smooth, service was good.
Site Category:  KTM Parts And Accessories
Carlos Luis Sanchez
all good until you pay...
Beacause they had to order the part in they didn't meet the deadline for the delivery and now I get no reply for them at all to solve the problem. Very irresponsible!!!
1 of 1 people found this review helpful.
Site Category:  KTM Parts And Accessories

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