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chad ziebol
I would purchase elsewhere.
I ordered a heat guard for my header exhaust. My bike is brand new and no other sources had something that would fit. I ordered from this place on 6/30 and have yet to receive the part and it is 7/15. I received no information stating that this part is backordered so the other day I called and they said the part was made to order. In this day and age, how do you not have a system that would have some sort of generic info on what is happening with your order. It's funny how they send out a survey before items have been received. Doesn't seem like I'm the only one in this situation either..
Site Category:  KTM Parts And Accessories
Don Stella
Dr Yaya is real
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Site Category:  Astrology
White Hotel Oludeniz
En İyi Diş Hekimi Ankara
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Benjamin Prehn
Never know how long an order will take! Poor Comunication!!'
Do not shop here!!! They take your money and don't send you anything!! And if they do send you something it is missing hardware or damaged!! Go somewhere else even if twice the price, it will be worth it!! Finally decided to contact them after two weeks without any info and Dave said it was shipping out that afternoon! Here I am four days after that call and no shipment info!!! These people are lying crooks, may have to call state attorney general to look into this so called business practices!
Site Category:  KTM Parts And Accessories
DTS Kontroll
Great selection of unique sport shoe
I really recommend this online shop for everybody who loves to wear stuff like something different style as the mainstream from the street. You can find mostly the skateboard brands and surf brands like Hurley, Nike SB, Etnies, Elements, Nixon, Vans...
Jack Mabel
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Site Category:  Astrology
Mike Childers
No real time inventory is so 1990s
Two weeks, and still waiting for my order to be shipped. Won't ever order from this company ever again.
Site Category:  KTM Parts And Accessories
Casie Williams
Realspellcasting.com is the best love spell casters because their love spell casting really does work.
First off let me say HOW DID REALSPELLCASTING.COM DO THAT???? I met a man literally after a few months of ordering a love spell casting from realspellcasting.com! The best part is it wasn't at the bar. All single people looking for love need to know about realspellcasting.com gifted love spell casters. Realspellcasting.com should advertise on those dating websites. I actually was scared when he talked to me because the 1st thing I though of was the love spell casting. I'm still a bit creep out but if it works who cares?? Anyways I wanted to say thank you to realspellcasting.com and their gifted love spell casters.
Sven Svensson
Shit company
Ordered a Slip on for my bike, no info about back order or annything,

Didnt recive anny shippment info so i contected them, turns out the thing i orderd wasnt even in production annymore,

Dont buy from theese idiots, they just take your money and dont even bother updating their site
0 of 1 people found this review helpful.
Site Category:  KTM Parts And Accessories
Rob Sutton
It's been weeks and still haven't received my order. They say it's on back order but when I ordered it the delivery time was 3 days. I want to say something good but there really isn't.
Site Category:  KTM Parts And Accessories
Jonathan Wendell
Quick, local and consistent
I ordered a couple dongles one of which had been unavailable until recently and received my order within a couple days of placing it as all of my previous orders have been handled. Thanks
Site Category:  KTM Parts And Accessories

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